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Bangkok The most amazing city in South East Asia has many sides but the most interesting is the part that is hidden..
The history, culture and traditions are the true flavor of this ancient city  But behind the scenes.. there is so much more.

Exploring Bangkok by Bike

is the perfect way to see and know more about this cityAnd also the most fun thing to do during your holiday here.

All of Our Bangkok Bicycle Tours

Will give you the opportunity to see, smell, touch, and tasteall of the Colors of Bangkok!

Here is all what you will experience when joining our tours!

So, join us on one of these special, exciting and interesting tours!


Bangkok Sunrise
Price: 1,350 THB
On this route, you will have a chance to ride through Thonburi and Bangkok both capitals in there time, and see the different ways of life of the local people which are opened to you along our interesting and fun journey.

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Bangkok Sunset
Price: 1,750 THB
Imagine a city so alive that it’s colors change from day to night. Witness this contrast and see a city and hear its sounds in a truly unique and wonderful experience .

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