Bangkok Sunset Biking Tour

The sunset by the Chao Phraya River or “The River of Kings”, which is the biggest and longest river in Thailand starts from the North and goes all the way to the Gulf of Thailand which is something that tourists shouldn’t miss. On this tour, you will cycle through two sides of the Chao Phraya river which is both on the Thonburi side, the previous capital of Thailand and on the current Bangkok side. Along the way, you will see traces of the old town such as architecture and traditional ways of life along with the spectacular sight of the Chao Phraya river as well as experience the nightlife and places such as China Town.

The tour begins from the Yodpiman River Walk and then take a ferry with our bikes, crossing the Chao Phraya river to the Thonburi side. We will continue our ride on the cycling path alongside the riverbank to enjoy the air breeze from the river, passing the Portuguese church and visiting some beautiful royal temples, here is an example of many cultures living together.

Our route will take us to pass the local night markets in Bangkok where people flock to the market for buying fresh food and many kinds of fruits and ingredients for cooking. We will have our “starter” at the first night market and then continue to another one which is also the pier where we will take a ferry back to the Bangkok side.

The route continues into the heart of China town, the street that never sleeps and will be more busy and colorful at night with a lot of food stalls and people along two sides of the street! We will then ride through another local night market before getting to the biggest flower market in Bangkok which opens for 24 hours! Here the guide will take you to walk around the market where you can see many types of flowers and experience their beautiful fragrance.

We then continue our ride to the old area of Bangkok and stop to take a spectacular picture at the Giant Swing (at Wat Sutat). Here, we will pause to taste some amazing Thai food before heading to Sanamluang where you can see the night view of the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha Temple.

We will have another stop at Wat Pho where you will see how different it is between daytime and at night before we ride back to the starting point.


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